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Ticket #25255 - Parse error after moving shop from staging environment to production site

We are recieving a parsing error when trying to move the shop from staging to production. PHP parameters are the same as in staging environment and there the shop is working properly.



Fred 30 Jan 2024, 10:47

Hi, Prisma Ingenieria y Diseno S.L..
Please check the version of PHP, we recommend at least 8.0. I guess you have 7.x

Prisma Ingenieria y Diseno S.L. 30 Jan 2024, 15:56

Hi, we have 8.1.4 but its been solved. Eliminating the two ? symbols everything worked again.

Fred 30 Jan 2024, 17:22

Ok, we will check that. But there was no problem with that before

Prisma Ingenieria y Diseno S.L. 30 Jan 2024, 17:31

It was a little weird, in the staging environment, which was also php 8+ worked fine and when moving it we found the error message. We change the code, just to try, and it started working again without any issues.

Fred 30 Jan 2024, 18:52

Ok, thank you for the explanations, we will check different php versions