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  • Open Date: 29.01.24, 17:56
  • Opened by: Cedric Casoni
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Ticket #25257 - Brand page

Hi Fred,

i need your help for personalize brand page.
When i’m in a brand page and i click on edit with crerzative elements i have a default and the default on console is PKthemesetting (image attached).

What can i do for solve it ?

Thank you



Fred 30 Jan 2024, 18:57

Hi, Cedric.
There is no option to edit brand page with Creative Elements in our theme

Cedric Casoni 30 Jan 2024, 19:20

Hi Fred, how i need do it ?
I can do it with creative element but they told me there is a problem with you….

I don't undertsand.

Fred 30 Jan 2024, 19:33

Do you have Pro version? because there is no such option in the version that is coming with the theme

Cedric Casoni 31 Jan 2024, 08:57

Yes i bought it

Fred 31 Jan 2024, 09:40

How to edit Brands page? I don't see such option in your back office

Cedric Casoni 31 Jan 2024, 11:12

I go in "Catalogue", "Marques et Fournisseurs", and by exemple on "AJAX" brand, i click on "Edit with creative elements".


Fred 31 Jan 2024, 12:11

I have copied all code from manufacturers template https://take.ms/0zLow but it still shows an error, could you please ask module developers what variable is required for CE to run editor there?

Cedric Casoni 05 Feb 2024, 09:25

Hi Fred,

i juste received this information from creative elements.
"Hi Cédric,

We actually haven't made any modifications, but the description section is working well. We also use the {$manufacturer.description nofilter} hook to make this section editable with our module."


Fred 05 Feb 2024, 10:33

I also confirm that {$manufacturer.description nofilter} is available in the theme. It looks like this https://take.ms/Y91SS in the /themes/alysum/templates/_partials/helpers.tpl file

Cedric Casoni 05 Mar 2024, 09:52

Yes now it's ok you can close this discuss.