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Ticket #25261 - scroll to top/ cookie button

Hi, I have a problem with the icons: cookie and the “scroll to the top” arrow. They are swapped. When we are at the top of the page, the cookie icon changes to an arrow. When we scroll down, the cookie button appears instead of the arrow button (scroll to top). It should be otherwise. How and when can I change it?


Fred 31 Jan 2024, 10:16

Hi, Jakub.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server to let me fix it

Jakub Swidzinski 31 Jan 2024, 13:19


Fred 31 Jan 2024, 17:35

Unable to connect, could you please check that?

Response: 	530 Login incorrect.
Error:         	Critical error: Could not connect to server
Jakub Swidzinski 31 Jan 2024, 17:45

Sorry, I wrote the wrong login. Now I wrote the correct one for ftp.

Jakub Swidzinski 01 Feb 2024, 20:19

Hi, did you connect to the server?

Fred 01 Feb 2024, 21:21

It seems working now. The issue has been fixed, please check

Jakub Swidzinski 01 Feb 2024, 21:50

Now it's ok, great thanks!

Fred 01 Feb 2024, 21:54

You are welcome!
Very strange bug, actually. Sometimes it happens sometimes not

Nicu Mihalcescu 02 Feb 2024, 19:44

I have the same issue.how to fix?

Thank you

Fred 06 Feb 2024, 19:41

@Nicu. Fixed.
Updated file is

Sławomir Pieniek 07 Feb 2024, 05:21

I have the same.
How and where to download this corrected file for replacement?

Fred 07 Feb 2024, 13:48

Here is fixed file
Upload it into /modules/pkthemesettings/views/js/
In case it's not working, change isReverse variable from 'false' to 'true'


front.min.js (10.8 KiB)
Sławomir Pieniek 07 Feb 2024, 20:41

it's already working properly. Thanks.
I also had to clear my browser cache.

Fred 07 Feb 2024, 21:21

You are welcome