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  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 31.01.24, 05:28
  • Opened by: Cristopher Reyes

Ticket #25265 - AMP Category page is blank

Hello, I’m getting an error when I select a category from the menu: Too few arguments to work.

(1/1) FatalThrowableError
Type error: Too few arguments to function PrestaShop\Module\FacetedSearch\Filters\Converter::construct(), 4 passed in /home/gyztor5/public_html/modules/pkamp/controllers/front/category.php on line 153 and exactly 5 expected
in Converter.php line 86
at Converter→
construct(object(Context), object(DbPDO), object(URLSerializer), object(DataAccessor))
in category.php line 153
at PkampCategoryModuleFrontController→initContent()
in Controller.php line 306
at ControllerCore→run()
in Dispatcher.php line 518
at DispatcherCore→dispatch()
in index.php line 28

Please help!


Cristopher Reyes 31 Jan 2024, 05:44

Hello, I updated the category.php controller and It is working now.

Thank you!

Fred 31 Jan 2024, 08:37

Hi, Cristopher
Great. You are welcome