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Ticket #25275 - AMP - Brand page and Prices drop page not showing products properly

Dear Support Master,

We encounter 2 main issues with the PKamp module

1. Prices drop page
At load, the listing is not showing any products. And when we use the filter form to refresh that listing we only get 24 products instead of 16 pages of 24 products for the Desktop version.

The concerned page :

2. Brand page
Same issue with this page

For the “Piccadilly” brand, there is around 50 products.
ex: https://www.monday.re/module/pkamp/manufacturer?id_manufacturer=41&link_rewrite=piccadilly

Moreover, the url rewriting do not seems to be applied on these 2 pages.


Fred 05 Feb 2024, 16:59

Hi, Arnaud.
Yes, I see the issue, we are working on a solution

Fred 06 Feb 2024, 12:39

Please try now, it should work

Arnaud Laguarigue 06 Feb 2024, 12:56

Ok, thank you.

Products are shown at the page load but for some reasons, there are missing some.

On the prices drop page, we have only 1 page of results and can not load anymore products.
For the brand page, we should have at least 2 more pages of results to load. is there any specific reasons ? query conditions on mobile maybe ?

And when we use the filters for sorting results, it returns only 1 page of results and can not see more results.

Fred 06 Feb 2024, 19:45

Yes, I see. Working on that…

Arnaud Laguarigue 07 Feb 2024, 08:51

Sorry ! I do not know why it was posted a 2nd time :(

Fred 08 Feb 2024, 21:52

No worries, sometimes it happens when page is reloading.
Please check Prices Drop page, it works fine on my phone.
As for the brands page, it works half the time. Strange because everything is ok when we check that locally. Need more time for that

Arnaud Laguarigue 09 Feb 2024, 07:35

Thank you for your answers.

To keep you informed, we checked the Prices drop page, it works just fine and the sorting too.

However for the brand page, we tested to reload several times without sorting results. It looks like that all products are loaded.
But for the sorting, the number of results is variable.

Fred 11 Feb 2024, 17:53

Hi Arnaud.
I assume you are talking about this issue: https://take.ms/aBlcv

It seems AMP script bug. We spent a couple of days on that and found out that the height of the list is not updated automatically. Actually it's updated after fetching new products, but it won't be updated when the number of products is less then it was before page refreshing.

For now we don't have a solution. Will keep reading GitHub and so on