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  • Open Date: 05.02.24, 10:01
  • Opened by: Ana Diaz
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Ticket #25276 - Problem with Checkout process

I want to activate in-store pickup only without shipping.
Can I remove the shipping address as a mandatory requirement? I only need country, province, postal code and mobile.
When trying to adjust to only Spain with the indicated provinces, the selection of the carrier fails and the payment is not activated.
I disabled guest purchasing to test and it doesn’t work either.


Fred 05 Feb 2024, 14:31

Hi, Ana Diaz.
There is no such option to disable shipping neither in our theme nor in prestashop. I have found similar thread on prestashop forum, it's pretty old but it shows the only way to do that is to modify prestashop core files https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/655774-how-to-remove-delivery-shipping-step-during-checkout/

Ana Diaz 07 Feb 2024, 09:45

Hi, Fred.
Can you verify that there is a problem with the configuration of geographical locations?
I then need to have three different zones for Spain linking to the same country, but different provinces.
Since the user provides his address and the store collection carrier does not appear.


Fred 07 Feb 2024, 13:46

First of all we need to make sure it works in Classic theme. Can you switch to Classic theme to check that?

Ana Diaz 09 Feb 2024, 10:21

Hi, Fred.
If I change the theme to classic, do I run the risk of something being misconfigured?

Now only "EspaƱa" is active with "Pontevedra" as the State and even then the linked carrier does not appear.

The problem is that the existing carrier does not appear "Recogida en tienda" and since it does not appear, the payment methods are not shown.

Ana Diaz 09 Feb 2024, 13:12

I have already tried and it also fails on the Classic theme.

Fred 09 Feb 2024, 13:22

If you are using some specific module for checkout? If so, please make sure it's configured properly. I would advice you to reset it and configure from scratch