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  • Open Date: 09.02.24, 09:08
  • Opened by: Marco Imbriaco

Ticket #25283 - Error for new product

I use a module that allows me to import items from my company management system (locally) directly online, but without entering the item category (which I then enter by entering the product sheet).

But I get an error if I try to enter the page.
However, if I deactivate your theme with the default PS theme it doesn’t happen.

Furthermore, I would like to understand what these errors are attributable to, perhaps whether or not they are attributable to the topic.

Thank you so much as always for your support


Fred 09 Feb 2024, 14:07

Hi, Marco.
Screenshot #1. There is no any reference to the theme of module files. The only reference there is to core Hook.php file
Screenshot #2. Those are just warnings (not errors) about jquery migrations, you can see the same in Classic theme (at least it was there when I checked that last time)
As I can see that, import is clearly back office feature that must work independently from front office

Marco Imbriaco 09 Feb 2024, 15:12

let's put the WARNING errors aside.

Let's focus on product errors.
Try to access my products in the backoffice and enter the article with ID 35, and you will be able to see the error returned;
if I switch to the Classic theme this error is no longer returned.

I hope I explained myself better.

I await your response.

Thank you

Fred 09 Feb 2024, 15:14

Yes, now it's clear. I see the error is coming from Product Tabs module. I have disabled it for a while.