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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 09.02.24, 18:46
  • Opened by: Tomasz Malinowski

Ticket #25286 - Hideable category bar

How to make a hideable category bar for the product page the same way as it is in the old style template and how to adjust the number and display for mobile version?


Fred 10 Feb 2024, 12:13

Hi, Tomasz.
Could you please give me a link where I can see that hideable bar?

Tomasz Malinowski 11 Feb 2024, 21:46

Hi Fred,

Check out the video of your demo.


hidden.gif (517.8 KiB)
Fred 12 Feb 2024, 13:58

Ok, but as I can see there is no any column on product page to hide it. Anyway there is no such option for product page, it requires code customisation to get it working

Tomasz Malinowski 15 Feb 2024, 12:01

I would like that after shrinking the page to mobile size there is an opportunity to slide out the firts that disappear. There should be the same arrow as on the demo store. See the video on mine does not have this.


Fred 16 Feb 2024, 14:33

That's because you are using CE on category page, there is just no such option. We can consider to add it but I can't promise it fast

Tomasz Malinowski 17 Feb 2024, 20:38

Ok, no problem I will wait, what is the expected deployment date?

Fred 19 Feb 2024, 10:06

We are going to update the them when new Prestashop 9.0 version will be released.
As for your request, I have checked how that option works in the native theme layout and found out that will be problematically to add it for element or templates. Because the button that triggers open/close state of the column is added directly in code, and there is no way to add it to elementor layout