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Ticket #25288 - Remove icons from thumbnails

How to on product thumbnails remove icons that appear see products and add to compare?



Fred 10 Feb 2024, 12:12

Hi, Tomasz.
1. Theme Settings → Product Miniature and disable "Quick View" Button there
2. just disable Favorites module

Tomasz Malinowski 11 Feb 2024, 21:36

Quick View I have already turned off, I still mean that icon with the eye "see the product"


Fred 12 Feb 2024, 10:00

That's Add to cart button, it's displayed like that because that product has combinations

Tomasz Malinowski 12 Feb 2024, 10:41

I also have the add to cart button option turned off.


Fred 12 Feb 2024, 13:55

Yes, there was a bug in this file /themes/alysum/templates/catalog/_partials/product-miniature-addtocart.tpl
now it's fixed

Tomasz Malinowski 12 Feb 2024, 21:05

Thank you, Fred.

Fred 12 Feb 2024, 21:07

You are welcome!