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  • Open Date: 12.02.24, 10:52
  • Opened by: Daniel Prol

Ticket #25295 - Help trying to undeerstand how the them works

Morning!, lost developer here :-)

I’ve instaled the alysum theme along with the CCE pro version on a site, with prestashop

For developing purposes we have the license installed on both the live site and the productions site.

Our team is strugling to understand how the theme works along with the CEE.


- We go Catalog →categories , select one and proceed editing its description with Elementor (CCE). While editing it displays correctly, it has the look as desired (image Category-description-1) but after saving it…,
how can we instruct the the theme to display the category as it is designed?

If we browse to the given category, it is displayed as showed in the second attached image (Category-browsing)

Tried to go to theme settings but is not clear for us how to set it as the “category template”

What are we doing wrong?

Thank you very much



Daniel Prol 12 Feb 2024, 10:53

Sorry, we forgot to attach the second image.


Fred 12 Feb 2024, 14:04

Hi, Daniel.
Let me check your configuration
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office

Daniel Prol 12 Feb 2024, 15:56


As i told you remember this is the development site and we have the license both on production and in the development site.

Thank yoy very much!

Fred 12 Feb 2024, 17:46

I just added some test to the "CARTA DIARIA" category description, and as you can see it just works https://desarrollo.dismaboc.com/3-carta-diaria

Maybe I missed something, if so just let me know

Daniel Prol 19 Feb 2024, 08:51

Hi Fred. Thanks for your response.

I'll try to explain myself again.
On the backend editor, open the category 11- CATERING and edit its description with Elementor. You can see it shows as in the attached image

Then if you browse to the frontend and try to display this category it shows as in the attached image 11-CATERING-frontend

We want to achieve the same appearance in the frontend as it is displayed on the backend preview. So,

how can we display a category description in the frontend with the same look?

Thank you and sorry for the delay but i've been out due to injury


Fred 19 Feb 2024, 09:48

Hi, Daniel.
1. The template you choose in Theme Settings → Category page is general for all categories, it contains all page elements like listing, filter, description etc… and the template you create in specific category will be displayed only for that category.
2. As I can see the difference is in content width only. So you need to change layout property here https://take.ms/osolj