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  • Theme: Alysum
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  • Open Date: 26.02.24, 11:06
  • Opened by: Coron Clément
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Ticket #25338 - Images on products page


when clicking on the small images, the large ones do not appear. Could you help me, is it a javascript problem?


thanking you in advance


Fred 26 Feb 2024, 11:12

Hi, Coron.
As I can see there is a syntax error in advanced search module that might cause the problem with images → https://take.ms/skGYP

Coron Clément 26 Feb 2024, 11:42


Thank you for your reply. I disabled these modules, but I have no improvement at the moment.


Fred 26 Feb 2024, 18:22

You have so much customisations. There are disabled theme's scripts. That's really hard to find what's wrong.
Do you have a contact with developer who customised the theme for you?

Coron Clément 26 Feb 2024, 18:28

No developer, I'm the one who customized the site, but I'm not professional and I'm stuck on certain bugs. Do you know anyone who could do the procedure for me for a fee?

Fred 26 Feb 2024, 18:57

I just tried to add alysum.js file from parent theme into the child one. Then I have deleted this config file
/public_html/config/themes/alysumchild/shop.json to regenerate it, but something wrong with permissions I suppose because it's not auto-generated as it should. Now need to force config regeneration. You can try to switch to Alysum theme and back to child to force it

Coron Clément 26 Feb 2024, 21:06

I tried some things on /public_html/config/themes/alysumchild/shop.json but now i lost all my customisation. And I can't restore my previous configuration with Alysum Child. I don't know what to do at the moment.

Fred 26 Feb 2024, 21:10

You don't lost your customisation, don't worry.
do you have a backup to restore that file?

Coron Clément 26 Feb 2024, 21:25

yes, I am waiting for a backup from the host. I just need to restore the shop.json file? Or does the database need to be restored too?

Fred 26 Feb 2024, 21:27

Only that file, nothing more.
The problem here that it was not regenerated automatically after deletion. I assume there is some permissions issue.

Coron Clément 26 Feb 2024, 23:06

I restored the file, but unfortunately I cannot select AlysumChild in the backoffice. I have a 500 error (see attachment). And the alysumchild/shop.json file is automatically deleted.


Fred 26 Feb 2024, 23:09

I have removed alysum.js script from child config file. Please try once more

Coron Clément 26 Feb 2024, 23:16

But do you have access to my backoffice?

Fred 26 Feb 2024, 23:17

Yes, it works for me

Coron Clément 26 Feb 2024, 23:32

Do you enable and disable modules please ?

Fred 26 Feb 2024, 23:36

I didn't touch anything there

Coron Clément 26 Feb 2024, 23:45

because I have things that appeared as on the product sheets (reassurance block, see attachment). Modules have disappeared in the connected customer area.

Fred 27 Feb 2024, 00:11

Just disable Reassurance module

Coron Clément 27 Feb 2024, 00:19

ok, in fact, many modules have been activated, many others have lost their attachment points. I have to verify all functionalities. For my image issue on product page, do you an idea ?

Fred 27 Feb 2024, 00:26

Maybe then try to restore full backup including database