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  • Open Date: 04.03.24, 10:53
  • Opened by: Nathalie Askayo
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Ticket #25366 - Menu link is # when Creative Element in submenu


I use Creative Elements to create my submenus.

When I hook them up to a menu in PK Menu I don’t see any input fields that allow me to give the menu a link.

So I end up with menus whose link is https://www.mysite.com/#

What can I do?


Dev F 04 Mar 2024, 11:01

I think that when makin submenu in CE - you need to make linking also in CE. I did so when creating mega submenu in CE and attached it to menu position in PK Menu.

Other wise in PK Menu you can switch between 'custom links' or 'Presta Link' on menu position.

Hope that helps.

Nathalie Askayo 04 Mar 2024, 12:18


Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, I can't find where to create a link for the menu in CE submenu and switching between 'custom links' or 'Presta Link' doesn't allow me to enter an url for the menu either (at least with my version of PK menu).

Dev F 04 Mar 2024, 13:45

In PK menu when you create a new item -when set to "custom links" extra field for link is shown for editing (screen).

In CE you can create a template page (or section) with custom links block and format it as you want your submenu to look like - and then use it in PK menu.
You pick 'PrestaShop Link' and choose a template from the select list below.

Also have you seen that - how to work with menu: https://youtu.be/F1DBRSYLLjY ? Might be useful.


Fred 04 Mar 2024, 13:54

Hi, Nathalie.
We have developed completely new menu widget which will be available in the next update and replace outdated menu module.
If you want I'll install it for you
@Dev F: Thank you for your help!

Nathalie Askayo 04 Mar 2024, 16:40

Hi Dev F,

Thanks, I found the solution in the video you sent me link !

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your reply.

I've found the source of the problem. I've purchased your theme several times for different customers (including the one for whom I opened this ticket here) and I was able to compare it with an older, non-updated version (8.2.0).

On version 8.2.0, I can add the url in the "Override Item URL" field. For example: "ELM62:|:/44-boutique".

On version 8.3.1, I can't add anything after the ELM62 code. The ":|:/44-boutique" is deleted when I click on save.

I had to use PHPmyAdmin (see attachment).

If you have a patch, or the latest version of the module in .zip format, I'm interested, as I have a few websites with this problem.

Fred 04 Mar 2024, 20:06

Unzip this archive to your prestashop root
There is a new Nav widget that you can use instead of menu module


modules.zip (7.5 KiB)