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Ticket #25369 - Pixelated product images

I am having problems with the resolution of the images (2 image grid, 3 image grid, list view…) especially on the category page, and in the same category pages carousel (see attachments)

I only see them well on the individual product page. I attach image adjustment configuration that I have (pageproduct.jpg _ resolution is OK)

How could I improve the resolutions?

Thank you for everything, I am trying little by little to leave my page well,

I am sorry for the inconvenience.


ajuste.jpg (317.1 KiB)
3images.jpg (772 KiB)
pageproduct.jpg (718.4 KiB)
samecategory.jpg (411.8 KiB)
2 images.jpg (700.1 KiB)


Fred 05 Mar 2024, 11:53

Hi, joaquin garcia gonzalez.
Can you please give me a link to a page where I can see the issue?

Fred 05 Mar 2024, 12:15

Ok, I see.
Add following CSS fix into the Theme Settings → Customer CSS

body img {
  image-rendering: auto;
joaquin garcia gonzalez 05 Mar 2024, 12:26

I've added it

but I don't see improvement


capcutra.jpg (221 KiB)
7878787.jpg (1.36 MiB)
Fred 05 Mar 2024, 12:26

make sure you have cleared cache, it definitely works

joaquin garcia gonzalez 05 Mar 2024, 12:34

If I open the image of a product from "IN THE SAME CATEGORY" in a new tab, it is getting resolutions of home_default images of only 220 x 220 pixels

Everything still comes out very pixelated despite deleting the chache



joaquin garcia gonzalez 05 Mar 2024, 12:34

I have cleared the cache but everything still looks very pixelated :(

joaquin garcia gonzalez 05 Mar 2024, 12:49

Please can see


Grid 2 columns? :( thansk a lot

Fred 05 Mar 2024, 12:50

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your FTP Server

joaquin garcia gonzalez 05 Mar 2024, 13:09

Ok thanks! Information saved :)

thanks a lot

I have tried many hours but I couldn't improve the images to look good.

joaquin garcia gonzalez 06 Mar 2024, 09:46

Hello, I have solved it, it was not a problem with the template, but rather that the images had been imported by CSV and the server had little memory and imported them with low quality. Sorry and thank you!!!

Fred 06 Mar 2024, 10:23

Ok, I'm glad you found the reason.
You are welcome