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  • Open Date: 05.03.24, 08:33
  • Opened by: Marco Imbriaco
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Ticket #25370 - Error in brand page - creative elements

When I want to customize a brand, I get the following error

How can I fix it.

Thanks in advance



Fred 05 Mar 2024, 11:52

Hi, Marco.
Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office

Marco Imbriaco 05 Mar 2024, 12:18



Fred 07 Mar 2024, 21:38

Strange, everything is working fine locally. Maybe the problem is with Pro version. It's hard to say

Marco Imbriaco 08 Mar 2024, 08:11


so how do you solve it? I need to make changes to these pages.


Fred 08 Mar 2024, 08:46

I didn't solve it because I just don't have such issue.
Can you switch to Classic theme to check that issue there?

Marco Imbriaco 08 Mar 2024, 09:19

I switched to the Classic Theme, but this does not use Creative Elements, so the problem cannot be verified.

Except now if I try to go back to your topic I get an error. How can it be?

can you help me?


Marco Imbriaco 08 Mar 2024, 10:40


I restored the backup from a few hours ago; so I reset your theme. I thought I'd ask the Creative Elements developers about the brand page error. Do you think it could be useful?

Fred 08 Mar 2024, 10:44

I guess they will say that's theme's problem. That's why we need to check how it works on Classic theme.
In the Classic theme you have to enable Creative Elements module to check how it works.
Ok, give me more time on that, I'll try to debug more deeply where the issue is coming from

Marco Imbriaco 08 Mar 2024, 12:04


I look forward to hearing from you. Take the time you need.

A thousand thanks

Fred 11 Mar 2024, 09:17

I can't connect to your FTP for some reason, could you please check?

Marco Imbriaco 11 Mar 2024, 11:04

Excuse me,

when restoring the server for that server problem when I made the switch, I didn't add the IP.

Done now, you can proceed.

A thousand thanks

Fred 11 Mar 2024, 20:33

I can't connect to your FTP for some reason, could you please check? Sorry, duplicated message

Marco Imbriaco 11 Mar 2024, 21:30

My FTP is accessible with the Private key that you find in the comments of the other token that you solved for me.

Have you tried using it?

Fred 11 Mar 2024, 21:30

Yes, everything is ok.
Still trying to find out what's wrong with manufacturers

Marco Imbriaco 12 Mar 2024, 08:24

If it can help you, I have an IMAGINE SERVER from about 20 days ago in which the BRAND section is working.

If you want I can make switches, reversing from new server to old server. Clearly you have to tell me if it can be useful, and I'll switch you from new to old and when you're done, I'll switch from old to new again.

For me it's simple, I just need to move AWS Elastic IP from one instance to another.

Fred 12 Mar 2024, 11:30

I don't know how that will help
The condition for CE Editor is simple, the theme must contain manufacturer description variable "{$manufacturer.description}"
That variable is present in the theme, and that fact that everything is working fine in other customers stores confirms that.
But in your case CE don't see it for some reason, and I can't understand why, so far

Marco Imbriaco 12 Mar 2024, 11:57

Do you want me to try asking Creative Elements support?

Fred 12 Mar 2024, 11:58

Let's try, maybe they will suggest something for us