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Ticket #25388 - Alyssum Delight Preset (Slider does not exist)

Hello, we have an issue with the Alyssum theme in the Delight preset. When we apply the Delight preset, it throws an error when trying to display the banner (The slider “delight” doesn’t exist. Go to “Theme Settings” → “Import” to import this slider.) We have identified that this is an installation problem with the theme since apparently that slider does not exist within the theme files.

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Fred 09 Mar 2024, 09:31

Hi, Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S.
But have you tried to do what is written in the message?

Go to “Theme Settings” → “Import” to import this slider.

Sliders are heavy that's why they are not coming with the theme, but they are available to import right from your back office

Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S 11 Mar 2024, 21:17

I have tried, but I still don't know where I can download that Slider to import it. Could you please explain to me where I can find it? Thank you very much, I'll be waiting for your response.

Fred 11 Mar 2024, 21:20

That is not a bug to fix it. You just need to import a slider.
As described in the message, go to “Theme Settings” → “Import”, select Delight slider and click Import button

Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S 11 Mar 2024, 21:33

The following image appears when I click on the import button as the message says.


Fred 11 Mar 2024, 21:41

Yes, I see. Give me a moment

Fred 11 Mar 2024, 22:19

Strange issue. I have imported that slider manually, now you have it

Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S 11 Mar 2024, 23:19

It works now, thanks for the solution

Fred 12 Mar 2024, 07:46

You are welcome!