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  • Theme: Alysum
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  • Open Date: 11.03.24, 09:22
  • Opened by: Chrystel

Ticket #25394 - Product category "default" + creative element content


In another ticket, I asked you to enable the “Show ‘Creative Elements’ only” option for a category, and you helped me, which worked well.

Unfortunately, using the “Category Products” and “Product Filter” widgets, I realize that the behavior of the filters on the mobile version is not satisfactory. I want the filters on the left in the desktop version always visible and a “Filters” button (with the filters closed by default) in the mobile version.

I now prefer to use the “default layout” for categories (which works very well on desktop and mobile) but I want to be able to add my content created with Creative Element at the end of the page.

Can you help me?


Fred 11 Mar 2024, 13:09

Hi, Chrystel.
Could you please give me a link to the category where you want to do that

Chrystel 11 Mar 2024, 13:45

I have switched it back to "native theme layout". I have Creative Element content (there's still the Category product and Filter widget) in the category that I will modify later.
I have also disabled the "Show 'Creative Elements' only" option.

Ideally, I would like this to work for my two other categories (currently under creation).

You still have access to the back office and FTP, don't you?

Thank you very much.

Fred 11 Mar 2024, 21:23

Ok, I see. You have added some content through Creative Elements which is replaced current category description, right?
But I don't see category description on your page. Please make sure you have it enabled

Chrystel 12 Mar 2024, 08:56

Thank you, Fred.
Indeed, I had not thought about activating the "description" option in the product categories section of the theme.
Would it be possible to display this description and thus the content created with "Creative Elements" at the end of the page? Or even better, would it be possible to create content with "Creative Elements" in the Additional Information field?
Thank you for your help.

Fred 12 Mar 2024, 11:22

There are two options to use Creative Elements layouts on Category page.
1. General template for all category pages, assigned in Theme Settings → Category Page
2. Specific template individual for every single category page, assigned in category configuration page through category description
What option do you want to use?

Chrystel 12 Mar 2024, 11:34

I want to use the general template "native layout" model and use Creative Elements for the two descriptions.

Fred 12 Mar 2024, 11:36

There is no problem with the first option, just assign the template in Theme Settings. But to have individual template for specific category the description must be enabled

Chrystel 12 Mar 2024, 11:46

Yes, I can see the Creative Element content but at the top of the page (Description field).
I want to be able to add Creatives Elements content to the bottom of the page (Additional information field)


Fred 12 Mar 2024, 21:33

if you are using creative elements template assigned in Theme Settings, just go to that template and move description down

Chrystel 13 Mar 2024, 08:43

Ok yes I will do that but I would have liked the possibility of adding Creative Elements content in both fields (Description and Additional information)
Is it not possible to add this functionality?
Thank you

Fred 13 Mar 2024, 10:50

That's a question to Creative Elements developers https://pagebuilder.webshopworks.com, I can't help you with that

Chrystel 13 Mar 2024, 11:04

Okay thanks, I modified the template and everything works

Fred 13 Mar 2024, 11:08

Ok, great