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  • Open Date: 14.03.24, 09:03
  • Opened by: Starstick

Ticket #25407 - Issue with Product Accessories on Mobile Product Page

I have a problem that’s driving me crazy. I’ve added accessory products to the product page, and they display perfectly on desktop. However, on mobile, most of them look fine, but on some products, they are configured differently, overflowing the photo as if the screen resolution doesn’t match or placing them in a column without scroll. What surprises me is that it only happens randomly on some. How can I fix this? Here’s an example where there’s an error on the mobile version: https://www.starstickvinilos.com/es/vinilos-confetis/3919-decoracion-infantil-vinilo-confetis-en-tonos-tierra.html?mot_tcid=2404d0d9-10f5-44e1-a611-235964621bb6

And this one appears correctly: https://www.starstickvinilos.com/es/vinilos-bebe/530-989699-vinilos-infantiles-bebe-nino-pequeno-principe-nino-decoracion-para-bebe-principito.html#/51-direccion-derecha_del_que_mira/105-tamano_t0_basico/307-color_de_las_estrellas-gris_claro

Can you help me? I’m also attaching an example in jpg: https://capture.dropbox.com/5oKgwKdUZFdHvYZc

thanks for your help



Fred 14 Mar 2024, 09:55

Hi, Starstick.
As I can see you have not configured that widget for mobile screens properly. Please check that or provide access to your back office

Starstick 14 Mar 2024, 10:00

Apologies, I had my access disabled. My profile credentials are now activated and working. Could you take a look? I've tried everything and can't seem to find the error. Thank you.

Fred 15 Mar 2024, 09:37

It should be fixed now https://take.ms/1Kedg

Starstick 15 Mar 2024, 09:46

Hello! The website is not functioning properly now, showing: "Notice: Undefined index: ct" and it's not allowing to hire shipping in the backend. We are currently preparing orders. Could you have the error logging enabled? Could you please disable it? I'll review the related issues shortly.

Fred 15 Mar 2024, 09:53

Where I can see that notice?

Starstick 15 Mar 2024, 09:59

Hi, I have disabled debug mode because my colleagues need to send orders and now, the notice no longer appears in the header of the website as it did before. I'll attach a photo for reference.
We need 2 hours to finish the shipments, and then you can reconnect, or if you prefer, tomorrow. However, I still see the same issue happening with some products and not with others. I'll send you a video; I cleared the history before recording. Additionally, I've noticed that the product name and price have disappeared from the related items now.



Fred 15 Mar 2024, 13:20

Strange issue, we never had it before and don't have it in our demo. Ok, I'll back to you tomorrow

Starstick 15 Mar 2024, 14:24

Hello! You can now connect to the website. Just try not to have the Debug mode activated for too long to avoid affecting the customers. We have another ticket open regarding the scrolling images if you want to look at both at the same time. Thank you!

Starstick 16 Mar 2024, 08:25

I had an issue with the categories where the descriptions and prices had disappeared, but I've just noticed that you added this CSS code:

@media(max-width:800px) {

  .product-miniature .product-description {
      display: none;

I've modified it to "yes", and now they reappear. I've also edited the ticket. Whenever you can, please let us know if we can address the related issues and the other ticket regarding the images that become misaligned when scrolled. Thank you.


Fred 16 Mar 2024, 20:57

The description is too big to display in product miniature and that caused broken layout, that's why I have removed it

Starstick 22 Mar 2024, 11:52

Sure, but descriptions and prices were disappearing on category pages. For now, you can closed the ticket. I've configured to display only one related item on scroll, and it seems to be working fine. If any further issues arise, I'll contact you again. Thank you very much for all the assistance; you have an incredible support team.

Fred 22 Mar 2024, 20:04

You are welcome!
And sorry for the inconvenience