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Ticket #25411 - Theme Structure for SEO

Hi, Fred

I am writing to ask if there is a theme setting that we need to activate for SEO

Currently, each category page displays each H1 heading for each product associated with the category, instead of having a single H1 heading for the overall Category Page.

Similarly, the product pages show all the H1 headings for all product recommendations on the page.

As a result, we have over 15 H1 showing for any given product page.

Was the theme designed for search engines to read the pages this way in addition we show there are 13,255 issues with unminified JavaScript and CSS files


Fred 15 Mar 2024, 08:47

That's because you put Rich Text which contains H1 tag into the category description, please check that
As for the magnification, it should be enabled in your back office → Advanced Parameters → Performance

Catina Charter 15 Mar 2024, 17:08


Please clarify the meaning of A's for the magnification, it should be enabled in your back office → Advanced Parameters → Performance

I looked on the page however I do not see a any reference to magnification nor do I understand if this is the same meaning of Rich Text


Fred 16 Mar 2024, 08:55

Sorry, that's autocorrection. I meant minification. And as I can see it's not enabled. It's called Smart cache for CSS/JS

Catina Charter 24 Apr 2024, 22:19

Hello, we have resolved the issue with the H1 tag. However, we found that the H2 tag was showing up 37 times, once for every product in the collection, not just the H2 tag in the product description, and it shows an H3 tag for every category name instead of just reading from the long description.


Fred 25 Apr 2024, 14:12

But how could I help you? What do you want to change? Because the report is ok, as I can see

Catina Charter 25 Apr 2024, 18:09

I thought the information would only be read from the product page however if this is the way it is supposed to be let's close the ticket