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  • Open Date: 15.03.24, 10:45
  • Opened by: Cedric Casoni

Ticket #25414 - Inquiry Regarding SEO Best Practices and Header Structure

Hi Fred,
I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on optimizing the SEO aspects of my website and have encountered a specific concern regarding the structure of headers on my pages, particularly with respect to some feedback from W3C Validator and my observations in development tools.

The W3C Validator has flagged an issue stating that the “header element must not appear as a descendant of another header element.” Here are the details from the validator:

- Error: The element header must not appear as a descendant of the header element. (From line 2033, column 17; to line 2033, column 178)
- Corresponding instances in the code involve multiple header elements, such as “elementor-element-75eb1814” and “elementor-element-1f09503a”, among others.

Upon inspecting my website using browser development tools, I’ve noticed that there seem to be duplicated headers, one of which is styled with `visibility: hidden;` presumably to handle responsiveness or different displays across devices.

Before proceeding with modifications, I seek your confirmation and expertise on a few points:
- Is the duplication and hiding of one header a designed feature of the Alysum theme or related plugins/modules for responsiveness?
- Can you confirm that this implementation will not negatively impact SEO, considering search engines’ ability to interpret and index content accurately?

Your insights and confirmation on this matter would be invaluable as I aim to ensure that my website adheres to SEO best practices while maintaining a seamless user experience across all devices.



Fred 18 Mar 2024, 08:45

Hi Cédric
As I can see all those H tags are coming from content you added to your page, here is an example https://take.ms/wZkyj as you can see the h2 tag is going first. and its added by you there. so just go to header template and edit tags there

Cedric Casoni 18 Mar 2024, 08:59

Hello Fred,

Thank you for your previous response. However, there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the issue I am facing. To clarify, I am not referring to the usage of <h1>, <h2>, etc., tags but to the HTML header elements on the page.

I am attaching a screenshot from the W3C Validator that highlights the specific issue: it states that a header element should not be placed within another header element. As per the screenshot, there are two separate instances where header elements are nested within each other, which is against W3C standards and could potentially impact SEO and page semantics.

The code segments from the validator output are as follows:

<header class="elementor-element elementor-element-75eb1814 …">
<header class="elementor-element elementor-element-1f09503a …">
My main concern is to ensure that the website structure complies with HTML standards and does not negatively affect SEO. Could you please help me understand if this is an intentional design feature of the Alysum theme or related plugins/modules for responsiveness, or if this is something that needs to be addressed?

I would greatly appreciate your expertise on this matter to confirm whether this implementation could impact SEO and if so, how it can be resolved.

Thank you

Fred 18 Mar 2024, 10:28

Yes, I see, sorry for the misunderstanding, I though header means H tags.
But the answer is still the same, you have added "header" tag here → https://take.ms/FE5AN

Cedric Casoni 18 Mar 2024, 11:07

You are the best.

Fred 18 Mar 2024, 11:24

You are welcome!