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  • Open Date: 19.03.24, 07:57
  • Opened by: Vidmantas Dapkus

Ticket #25419 - Product videos module by SUNNYTOO

To show videos in product gallery I use Product videos module by SUNNYTOO. After PS/theme update the module started to duplicate the video thumbnail, you can see it in https://people-fashion.dk/uldtorklaeder/2011-100-kashmir-torklaede.html. I contacted the module developer and got answer

Let me explain, the video will be added to the product page when the product page is loaded. When something changes, like when the combination is changed, the product page will be updated by PrestaShop, PrestaShop will emit an “updatedproduct” event to every module, and the video module will add the video back again when it receives the message.
See the attached pic, but your theme emits an “updatedproduct” message for no reason, which would cause various unexpected issues. Contact your theme developers to fix it.


Fred 19 Mar 2024, 08:41

Hi, Vidmantas.
How he can know why the theme is emitting an event?
I can also say the they must check is the video already added to thumbnails and if so don't add it second time.
We will check is the even possible to remove emitting that event, but I do not consider that as a bug

Fred 19 Mar 2024, 08:42

I also can offer you temporary css fix:

.st_pro_video_thumbnail + .st_pro_video_thumbnail {display:none}
Vidmantas Dapkus 19 Mar 2024, 08:53

Thanks, I used your temporary css fix.

Fred 19 Mar 2024, 09:26