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  • Open Date: 22.03.24, 19:53
  • Opened by: francois andrieu

Ticket #25433 - image category

hello i have always some categories of prestashop they are displayed well

but if i want to put a new image category , the display of this category is very very little
i have try different sizes and it is always small images
i don’t understand i put the same size that are defined in prestashop images always the same

i have take an image of a category of prestashop to put in , always the same

please help me , thanks


Fred 24 Mar 2024, 09:11

Hi, francois andrieu.
Could you please add some screenshots and give me a link to that page?

francois andrieu 24 Mar 2024, 09:35

hi Fred
here is the link
https://www.securachat.fr/ you will see just before the long text the display of the categories
also i have some problems, for the header that i want sticky with the menu , i can't have toguether the part of the logo and the menu , i can just have the menu or the part of the logo, but not the two parts, how to to do?
also another thing, in the basket i see that i can put an image , but i don't know where i can put this image in the basket. Thanks Fred, soon, if you need some more informations let me know, i can also create an access admin for you if you need

Fred 25 Mar 2024, 10:03

1. The image size is correct. Yes. Please check your images settings and see the size defined for category. You have to upload images with the same size or at least with the same ratio defined in your settings
2. To change cart image, go to your Header template editor, click on Cart widget, and find Footer Image in the widget settings

francois andrieu 26 Mar 2024, 19:17

hello Fred , thanks a lot for images and cart all is good.
just 2 things in problem

1 - i have an header with 2 sections in it , in the first section i have the logo and all for connection.
in the section 2 i have the menu.
i want to have all these sections in sticky, i have put the class sticky for the 2 sections but just one work in same time, i don't know how to have these in sticky, please let me know.

2 - i want to know how to disable the zoom on image products, i have not find in prestashop and in your theme to disable the zoom fonction, please let me know, thanks for your support

Fred 27 Mar 2024, 10:38

1. Yes, you can have only one sticky section. In your case you need to add sticky class to an element that contains both your sections
2. Navigate to Theme Settings → Product Page and find "zoom" option there

francois andrieu 27 Mar 2024, 23:33

hello Fred,
after many tests i can't have the 2 sections header and menu: sticky.
just a thing is good the part with the logo when i put in the section the sticky class .
i don't know more ! i have try to put on some elements the sticky class but don't work.

about the zoom fonction yes it is good for zoom option but when i go to the image of the product stay the
magnifying glass. but zoom is out, is it a possibility to do not have this magnifying glass.

another thing with the icons, how to have the title of the icon just under the icon, if i choose text and icon the text is sticky to,the icon in horizontal. sorry to ask !!

Fred 30 Mar 2024, 22:33

1. As I can see you have the sticky top part of header. If you want to add menu there, just add both parts (top and bottom) into one section which will be sticky
2. To fix that I need access to your FTP