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  • Open Date: 26.03.24, 15:05
  • Opened by: Alejandro Herrera

Ticket #25439 - Custom Product Tab missing in substore

Hi, I have uploaded products in all stores view. I created a custom tab named Especificaciones (specifications) and filled with specs for each product. That tab works fine in the default store (infokrause) but when I created a sub store (vivotek.cl) and share categories and products, the tab is missing.
How can I get vivotek.cl get the tab and its content to show in the product page?


Fred 26 Mar 2024, 16:33

Please make sure the module is enabled and hooked into all it's hooks

Alejandro Herrera 26 Mar 2024, 20:29

the module is enabled and hooked


tabs_01.png (88.1 KiB)
tabs_02.png (96.7 KiB)
tabs_03.png (190.5 KiB)
Alejandro Herrera 27 Mar 2024, 17:20

Still can't make the sub store tab available

Fred 28 Mar 2024, 16:38

Ok, I see now.
So you have created a tab in infokrause, now if you want the same tab in vivotek , you have to create new tab, because every tab is created for specific shop.

Alejandro Herrera 02 Apr 2024, 21:09

I'm confuse. I created a custom tab named Especificaciones in both infokrause and vivotek.
I upload a product in "All Stores" and customize the tab. Now, when I go to the infokrause store the info is there, but not in vivotek.
Are You saying that when I upload a product in All Stores, I have to enter the custom tab content for every sub store?

Fred 03 Apr 2024, 10:03

Yes, it seems Custom tabs works in that way. Have you tried to create a tab for vivotek store?