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  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 29.03.24, 13:58
  • Opened by: Cedric Casoni

Ticket #25445 - Problem with products widget

Hello Fred, I hope you are well.

I have a problem with the products widget on the home page of my AMP website.
I don’t know why but some products don’t have the right link and after clicking you go to the wrong site. Not the AMP product page.
However, if I search for this same product on my AMP site and click on it, then the destination is indeed the AMP product page.

Can you check it please ?



Fred 31 Mar 2024, 08:04

HI Cédric.
Could you please record a video how to catch that error? Because I can't find it

Cedric Casoni 01 Apr 2024, 11:12

Hello Fred,

You can watch a video here:https://youtube.com/shorts/EiZUCeXoQuI?si=KbhgFidP-7GPmRct The first 2 products are OK and the 3rd Not OK. If I search for this product via the search function, the product Not OK is OK.


Fred 02 Apr 2024, 10:37

Hi, Cedric.
Do you have some extra cache enabled?
I'm editing the file /var/www/html/modules/pkamp/pkamp.php but see no changed in the front page.

Cedric Casoni 02 Apr 2024, 12:47

Hi Fred,
Yes with a special widget.
Now it's ok (Cache has been deleted)

Fred 02 Apr 2024, 15:46

Maybe that was a cache issue? Because I can't reproduce it now. could you please check?

Cedric Casoni 02 Apr 2024, 16:51

Yes it's strange….

Fred 02 Apr 2024, 20:14

So is it works now?