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  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 02.04.24, 15:22
  • Opened by: Florian Appenrodt

Ticket #25449 - Lightbox Fails to Open

Hi Promokit Team,

The Lightbox for product images fails to open on both desktop and mobile. Right now there is only zoom while hovering. Clicking images yields no action; no browser console errors. All components are current, with no theme/core alterations. On mobile that zoom effect prevents the user from scrolling. Assistance needed for resolution.

Thank you very much,



Fred 02 Apr 2024, 15:33

Hi, Florian.
As I can see you had enabled "Main Image Inner Zoom" in product page. I have disabled it and now you have the popup, please check to confirm

Florian Appenrodt 02 Apr 2024, 16:19

Hi Fred,
Thank you very much for your quick response and fix. Now it works on desktop. Is there an option for mobile?

Fred 03 Apr 2024, 16:42

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

Florian Appenrodt 04 Apr 2024, 06:53

Hello Fred,

many thanks for your quick help.
The design looks really good.

But unfortunately opening the lightbox on the iPhone in the Safari browser doesn't work.

With Chrome on the iPhone, the lightbox opens and you can also open the lower thumbnails, but you can no longer close the lightbox.

If it is possible, it would of course also be great if you could swipe through the images in the lightbox.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Fred 04 Apr 2024, 09:47

Ok, I see. Going to fix that as soon as possible

Fred 06 Apr 2024, 15:22

I have added close button, please check

Florian Appenrodt 09 Apr 2024, 09:42

Hi Fred,

Thanks for helping fix the lightbox issue on our site. It’s working well after I cleared the website data. Could we add swipe functionality to navigate the images in the lightbox?

Appreciate your help!

Fred 09 Apr 2024, 15:26

I assume that's just a cache of your device, everything is working fine on mine https://take.ms/9Ym9L