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Ticket #25461 - Translation of the 'Log in' sidebar content

Hi, I’m trying to translate the placeholder content in the sidebar after clicking on ‘Log in’. I’ve looked through the translation files in BO but couldn’t find it. I’ve also checked Elementor translations with no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


screen.png (28.8 KiB)


Fred 04 Apr 2024, 09:56

Hi, Tristan.
Yes, I know, Prestashop translation system is not easy. Try to select these option https://take.ms/awA1j and there use search to find translations

Tristan Tyczyński 04 Apr 2024, 20:31

I did that as the first thing, however, the original content is still visible on the website.


Fred 05 Apr 2024, 08:55

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server I'll try to figure out what's wrong

Alissia Storti 05 Apr 2024, 16:52

Hi, i have same issue… my you can found login and pwd to connect to my BO in my profile. Thanks

Fred 05 Apr 2024, 17:39

@Alissia Please try to find it in the translation catalog https://alysum.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/translations/

Tristan Tyczyński 09 Apr 2024, 16:46

@Fred I already updated myprofile

Fred 10 Apr 2024, 17:02

Where I can see that translation? I see a blank page right now here https://presta.iamed.com.pl/

Tristan Tyczyński 15 Apr 2024, 21:06

https://presta.iamed.com.pl/pl/ → correct link, sorry

Fred 16 Apr 2024, 10:24

Ok, it should be fixed now https://take.ms/r3Izz

Tristan Tyczyński 03 May 2024, 18:58

Okay, it worked.