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  • Open Date: 10.04.24, 12:47
  • Opened by: francois andrieu

Ticket #25476 - ptoblem between desktop and mobile amp

hello Fred

i use desktop version and mobile amp

on desktop version , i accept orders with no stock, and i have no message about in stock or not this is good for me, but in amp version i have the message “no products “on the product and also when i go in the product
the message “no product in stock " and also when i go to the details of the product i have the message “in stock - 1 article” very strange and i don”t want all these messages in amp, how to do by ccs ? i don’t see parameters for that in amp


Fred 10 Apr 2024, 16:48

Hi, francois andrieu
Can you please give me a link to a page where I can see the issue?

francois andrieu 10 Apr 2024, 17:14

this is the good desktop

on the mobile you go to videosurveillance then cameras under you find the same reference with the message under
then you click on the cam you see under add to basket the message and after completky down click on details du produit you will see the message with en stock - 1 article

Fred 14 Apr 2024, 23:47

Hi, Francois.
Sorry for the delay. I had small vacation.
I just added that product to cart on mobile with no problem → https://take.ms/XCTd5 Maybe I missed something, but I did everything like you described above

francois andrieu 15 Apr 2024, 08:29

hello fred
it is not this problem
the problem it is that on the product it is displayed with "pas de produit" no product, i don't want this message
also when you place the product in the cart and when you do on the tab details du produit you see en stock-1 article. i don't want messages about stock product on these 2 cases.

Fred 15 Apr 2024, 11:19

You seem to have some extra cache, because I added css code to hide elements you asked and it's not applied. Could you please check

francois andrieu 15 Apr 2024, 11:20

and also in mobile version i have the state of the product "nouveau"
perhaps you have a css command to avoid to have all this messages

Fred 16 Apr 2024, 10:33

I don't see "nouveau" label on products https://take.ms/wbQC9

francois andrieu 16 Apr 2024, 11:14

hello Fred
i see that you have put the css
.lmore, .product-quantities {display: none}

i have supress the cache of the mobile version and i have always the messages
"pas de produits" and also into the cam i have "pas de produits en stock"
but in the details of the product now i have not the message this is good
but i think for the 2 others messages it must 2 different css perhaps

Fred 16 Apr 2024, 11:28

Yes, I see. please add "!important" like this https://take.ms/fkhwT to make it work

francois andrieu 16 Apr 2024, 12:20

first it is good , for the first display but it stays also when you go inside the product the message "pas de produits en stock" when you click in the camera
we are progessing just stay one message now !

francois andrieu 16 Apr 2024, 15:11

and also under i have the message with email and prevent when it is avalable that i don't want also

Fred 16 Apr 2024, 18:03

add this css
#product-availability {


As for the email, just disable Email Alert module

francois andrieu 16 Apr 2024, 21:49

Thanks Fred !!! very good all these problems are solved !!! congratulations

Fred 16 Apr 2024, 22:12

You are welcome!