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  • Open Date: 15.04.24, 21:33
  • Opened by: Catina Charter
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Ticket #25484 - Promo Extended Product

Photos uploaded to the Promo Extended Product Module do not show.

I uploaded the attached photo labeled luxury blonde human hair wigs to the promo extended product modules, increased the size 3x by 3x for the banner effect, and cleared the cache. However, the uploaded image does not show the product.

I have tried it on several products. The last product I tested is linked below,


  • Upload a photo, change the size, and press save. Please let me know if I am not following the theme instructions.



Fred 16 Apr 2024, 11:40

Hi, Catina.
Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your FTP Server

Catina Charter 16 Apr 2024, 17:12

Hi, The credentials are correct. Please see the attached screenshot for verification and let me know if I should provide different information. Thank you


Catina Charter 17 Apr 2024, 16:36

Hi, Please let me know if you require anything further from us. Thank you

Fred 17 Apr 2024, 16:53

Sorry for the delay. We have no news yet. Trying to figure out what's wrong.

Catina Charter 17 Apr 2024, 17:05

Thank you

Catina Charter 18 Apr 2024, 21:02

Hi Fred

Do you have an idea of the resolution timeframe

Fred 18 Apr 2024, 21:03

Not yet, sorry for the delay. We are trying to fix it locally, then implement the fix to your website

Catina Charter 18 Apr 2024, 21:26

The problem may be related to all images. When uploading an image to a product page, it doesn't display immediately. Instead, a white box appears, and you must wait at least 30 seconds, then save and refresh the page to view the image.

For sure, we would like to have it by the weekend, It takes a long time to update each page. Thank you

Fred 20 Apr 2024, 20:02

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

Catina Charter 21 Apr 2024, 01:21

IT IS WORKING! Thank you

Fred 21 Apr 2024, 08:41

You are welcome!

Catina Charter 24 Apr 2024, 21:07

Hello, the photo appears; however, when you click on it, you are not redirected to the product page, but instead to a 404 error page. I added a link to the product page, but it still redirects to a 404.


Fred 25 Apr 2024, 14:14

I need access to your server to figure out what's wrong

Catina Charter 25 Apr 2024, 18:06

The credentials are listed appropriately. Is there something that you are missing?

Fred 25 Apr 2024, 19:46

Yes, but I’m not able to connect

Catina Charter 26 Apr 2024, 16:03

Where are you having trouble? What is your suggestion? We have tested the access; please advise what exactly is failing to connect.

Fred 26 Apr 2024, 16:36

Sorry, my bad. I have changed FTP to SFTP and now it works. Going to try to fix the issue today

Fred 27 Apr 2024, 21:06

I need to clarify. Promokit Extended Product allows to change a product to a banner on category page. It changes nothing on product page

Catina Charter 28 Apr 2024, 00:21

When you click the banner that is added to the product you are taken to a 404

Fred 29 Apr 2024, 12:17

Please give me direct link to a category where I can see that banner with broken link, because I can't find it

Catina Charter 29 Apr 2024, 18:19

Please click on the link below. The first banner is a product, so when you click on the link, you should be directed to the product page. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it takes you to an error page (404 error). This happens for every banner that we enter for any product using the Promokit Extended.


Fred 30 Apr 2024, 09:59

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Catina Charter 09 May 2024, 20:36

This issue is resolved please close the ticket