Ticket #25489 - Faceted Search Module isnt working on Category Page

There seems to be an issue with the faceted search on the category page within the PromoKit theme. When im applying the filters on the left side using the faceted search module, the products displayed on the right (using the Promokit Products module) aren’t updating accordingly.

Thanks for your help!


Category 1.PNG (265.4 KiB)


Fred 17 Apr 2024, 13:50

Hi, Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S.
If you are trying to do that in Editor mode, yes, it doesn't work, because editor mode is only to configure the view.
Please confirm the front page works fine

Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S 18 Apr 2024, 00:05

Hi Fred, is there a way to use the Creative Elements module for faceted search, or do I need to configure it separately with another module? The Category page is still working the same. Thanks for the help

Fred 18 Apr 2024, 10:47

You can use Filter widget in Creative Elements to display Faceted Search

Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S 23 Apr 2024, 00:11

I only see the same widget I used for the faceted search; I need that widget to influence the products in the right column.


Fred 23 Apr 2024, 10:11

but as I can see it works correctly https://take.ms/ak4Yz

Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S 23 Apr 2024, 22:12

Could you please share me the link of the page in the photo so I can take a look? Thank you.

Fred 23 Apr 2024, 22:16

It was here https://prueba.bybeauty.com/es/11-perfumes but there is no more Filter button there, have you removed it?

Distribeaute Colombia S.A.S 23 Apr 2024, 23:58

I notice that it's still present, but you need to press the "Filter" button to open the filter menu. Also, I'm curious where you found that link because I can't seem to locate it.

Fred 24 Apr 2024, 00:13

In footer, there is a link Sitemap, where you can see all categories, I have clicked on the first one