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  • Open Date: 26.04.24, 20:13
  • Opened by: German Landaeta

Ticket #25514 - Questions about promokit menu - I want to add a page + a link

Hello, please help me see how to add a link to the menu + a PrestaShop link of a created page. If I select Custom Link it allows me to add a link but with PrestaShop link I cannot apply it.

Thank you very much for your time.

kind regards


Fred 27 Apr 2024, 10:08

Hi, German.
Current menu module will be removed in the next update because of outdating. Instead we have developed completely new menu widget. It's called Navigation. Please try it

German Landaeta 28 Apr 2024, 01:38

Perfect, thank you very much, I'm already trying it, I have a problem showing the dropdown of templates created in Elementor - I attach an image (there are two menus, the one above is the widget that you told me about where I only see the problem that it always shows the dropdown - I attached how I have it configured since I have to deactivate it and you will not be able to see it, thank you very much.

Fred 28 Apr 2024, 10:05

Yes, there were missing css styles, I just fixed that, but as I can see you have enabled extra cache. You need to clear it to get the fix applied

German Landaeta 30 Apr 2024, 00:36

Hello, I tried to apply it and the dropdown follows me with the characteristic of always being visible, I created a page so as not to affect the store and to be able to test https://theanimalsoulbrands.com/en/content/8-menu-example please Feel free to make any modifications you require on this page.

Thank you so much

Fred 30 Apr 2024, 10:29

I have added midges styles directly into /httpdocs/themes/alysum/assets/css/theme.css file, but what I open that file in browser I see an old version without new code. Please resolve cache issue and the menu will work fine