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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 27.04.24, 22:35
  • Opened by: Zuzana

Ticket #25518 - Upgrade PS from to 8.1 error

Me again, I should left the last ticket open :) When I clicked on Modules I got this error - Compile Error: Cannot declare class MailAlert, because the name is already in use

I renamed ps_emailalerts to _ps_emailalerts and it worked - I updated few modules…

Thank I clicked on Alysum Settings and another error:

Argument 1 passed to Promokit\Module\Pkthemesettings\Form\Admin\Modules\ModulesProvider::__construct() must be an instance of PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Addon\Module\ModuleRepository, instance of ModuleRepository_091bb2f given, called in /www/p/r/u32862/public_html/var/cache/dev/ContainerOU5gYh4/getPromokit_Pkthemesettings_ModulesProviderService.php on line 9

in modules/pkthemesettings/src/Form/Admin/Modules/ModulesProvider.php (line 58)

I suppose something went wrong with Alysum theme update. Should I completely update Alysum again?


Fred 27 Apr 2024, 22:55

Yes, I see.
Back to this issue tomorrow. It's too late now

Fred 28 Apr 2024, 09:48

Is the ftp credentials correct? I fixed files in revolution slider module /public_html/modules/revsliderprestashop but see no changed in the front page. It still show the error

Fred 28 Apr 2024, 09:55

Maybe you have some kind of extra cache enabled?

Zuzana 28 Apr 2024, 09:58

Yes, ftp credentials are correct, I didn´t change anything.
I cannot login to BO, another error now - The hook id #325 does not exist in database

Zuzana 28 Apr 2024, 10:20

I disabled debug mode and I am back in BO, I´ve cleared the cache and the front page is working. I looks horrible but it´s working.
I can access Alysum settings now so I am going to built up the page again.
We can leave this ticket open for a few days, in case any other errors/questions will happen, ok?

Fred 28 Apr 2024, 10:22

It's working because I have fixed a lot of errors in different module. I'm trying to check everything to make it work more or less stable

Fred 28 Apr 2024, 10:32

The most important thing currently is to review the list of modules and uninstall every module that you are not going to use.
I see a list of old Promokit modules https://take.ms/LuVmu which I'm sure you are not using. I would recommend to delete that at all

Zuzana 28 Apr 2024, 10:33

Ok, I won´t be doing anything today, I don´t want to rewrite your work by accident. Let me know when you finish, thank you.

Fred 28 Apr 2024, 10:34

Another advise is to update your php version to 8.1.x which is recommended by prestashop https://devdocs.prestashop-project.org/8/basics/installation/system-requirements/

Fred 28 Apr 2024, 10:38

Ok, I'll let you know when I finish about what I have done

Zuzana 28 Apr 2024, 10:43

I agree with disabling the modules, I was not sure which ones I still need, which ones are necessary, what is new and what is old… I can update PHP now if it will help you, or after you finish, let me know.

Fred 28 Apr 2024, 11:06

Everything is working except Creative Elements. It must be updated but there is no such option in back office. Need to downgrade its version directly in database to enable upgrade option in back office. To do that I need access to your phpMyAdmin. Or I'll give you instructions what need to be done

Zuzana 28 Apr 2024, 11:27

https://dbadmin5.dnsserver.eu/ you can see user name in my BO, right?
Check my credentials here on support now, I changed ftp password to phpMyAdmin password.

Fred 29 Apr 2024, 11:01

I'm not able to login there with credentials from prestashop, but I did a trick with CE module and now it's updated. Please check everything.

Zuzana 29 Apr 2024, 11:11

Yes, everything seems ok now, thank you. I am going to update PHP today as you suggested.

One last question - Do you know why in Alysum settings - Welcome - "Check for updates" always says - Cannot currently check for updates

Fred 29 Apr 2024, 11:50

I'll check that later. But you currently have the newest version which is not even released