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  • Open Date: 09.05.24, 23:06
  • Opened by: francois andrieu

Ticket #25538 - problem about amp

hello Fred, a new question on desktop, for the product i can activate the tabs of the product to active in first details and not description but when i do that on desktop, on mobile the tab with description in first is active , is it a solution to do on mobile to active in first details opened?
for the moment i have not activated on desktop , details in first, i have just try , but i have seen that in mobile this don’t work
let me know if you have a way to do on mobile this ? thanks


francois andrieu 12 May 2024, 18:20

just to know the solution , please don't do in first time this, if there is solution just communicate me the way to do

Fred 13 May 2024, 11:40

There is no such option for AMP. It's only possible to change in amp code