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  • Open Date: 27.05.24, 10:20
  • Opened by: Fabrice Druart

Ticket #25573 - Unable to modify mobile header

I can’t modify the mobile header on Creative element, I don’t understand why… To do so, I have to add css code… Is this normal?


Fred 27 May 2024, 10:38

Hi, Fabrice.
What do you mean by "cant't modify", can you provide more details?
I need to know how to reproduce the issue

Fabrice Druart 04 Jun 2024, 10:14

When I go to creative element and then modify, in the mobile version, I can't click anywhere and I can't modify anything in the header of the mobile version.

Fred 04 Jun 2024, 21:09

I just tried and everything is working fine for me, please check out the screenshot https://take.ms/z5FFP

Fabrice Druart 07 Jun 2024, 14:06

Hi sir, i can open the screenshot

Fred 08 Jun 2024, 09:44

I just attached it to the comment


scr.png (1.07 MiB)
Fabrice Druart 08 Jun 2024, 10:52

Oh yes, I'm talking about the header with the logo… In CE, you click on “header_fabrice_fr” and when you go to mobile we don't know how to modify it.

Fred 09 Jun 2024, 16:16

Yes, I see.
You have enabled "Simple Mobile Header" which loads simplified header with better mobile UI. You can configure it in the Header Items module https://take.ms/08M1A

Fabrice Druart 09 Jun 2024, 19:34

I'd already seen this feature.
In fact, we'd like to have a smaller header ( on one line ). Like what I sent via the screenshot.
Have the logo and widgets on one line and have a message on a black background in the header.

Do you think this is possible?

Thank you


headmobile.png (207.2 KiB)
Fred 10 Jun 2024, 21:08

Yes, it's possible, but requires code customisation. For now we don't have free time to provide custom service, otherwise we would gladly help you to change it.

Fabrice Druart 11 Jun 2024, 12:22

Ok sir :)

Fred 11 Jun 2024, 19:42

You are welcome, and sorry