Ticket #25593 - Sub menu problem

Please tell me how to add a page to the submenu. I don’t see this option?


submenu.jpg (322.2 KiB)


Fred 06 Jun 2024, 19:47

Hi, Grzegorz.
Just click Edit on a menu item you need, and select CE Template from the "PrestaShop Link" select https://take.ms/AuTst

Grzegorz Wasilewski 06 Jun 2024, 21:15

OK, but it is not working, I do not see a pleace for my custom link. I created a layout but sub menu is to wide, and I do not know how to make ist smoller

option in menu - Montaż paneli


submenu_2.jpg (392.9 KiB)
Fred 08 Jun 2024, 10:07

I think you need this option https://take.ms/NTHZo

Grzegorz Wasilewski 12 Jun 2024, 19:25

Thank You for help ;]

Fred 12 Jun 2024, 23:09

You are welcome!
Thanks for your review