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Ticket #22509 - Variuos issues (AMP filters, translations, product images on mobile...)


I wanted to report some issues:

  1. In the AMP mobile version of the website, I placed the Newsletter module (Prestashop native one) directly in the displayAmpFooter hook. Anyway, the module isn’t visible.
  1. I need to translate the alysum theme, but when I go to Translation and select the alysum theme, the following error occurs (see attachment)
  1. On the AMP category page, some product images aren’t displayed correctly, even if they all have the same aspect ratio, some are displayed smaller than others (see attachment). On desktop the same product images are displayed correctly.
  1. In the AMP version, filter search doesn’t work as expected. For example, if I search for “Taglia 58” from desktop (https://iberjeans.com/uomo/?q=Taglia-58) I see 17 products. If I search “Taglia 58” from mobile, I initially see the same products as from desktop, but then some products which doesn’t have the 58 size are loaded anyway. This is quite annoying cause users find products with wrong sizes, etc…
  1. In the AMP version, “Price” isn’t showed in the filter search, though in the faceted search it’s correctly set. (In fact from desktop it works.)

Thanks for your help!


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Bianca Schiattone 27 Oct 2021, 10:15

Other issues I found:

  1. On the AMP cart when I add products to the cart, other products are automatically added too (even if I didn’t added them to the cart)
  1. Always on AMP when I remove a product from the cart, it appears again after some seconds
  1. On AMP the Size guide doesn’t work

Can you please give me news about these errors as soon as possible? I’m sorry to put you under pressure but the website’s online and our client is putting us under pressure too to solve these problems.

Thanks for your help

Fred 27 Oct 2021, 19:56

1. to add a newsletter, go to AMP homepage builder and add a widget “Newsletter”.
2. Try to disable local cache, like this https://take.ms/LpCZC

3. Please give me a link to a product where Size Guide doesn’t work

Bianca Schiattone 29 Oct 2021, 12:46

1. I tried, but in this way the newsletter form is visible only in the homepage. My client wants it to be in the footer, so that is present in every page of the website.
2. Yeah it seems that now it works
3. Now it works… it was because the size guide wasn’t enabled on the products, but the link on the product page was present anyway

Have you news about the translation issue and the problem of product images in the category page?
The problems on product filters aren’t important anymore, we’re about to use another module


Fred 30 Oct 2021, 10:06

1.then you need to copy code of that widget from the file
to the footer and adjust some variables like $ajax_url, $information, etc… 2. Keep trying to find what’s wrong with translations, first time see the issue
3. As for images, if you try to open such image, like this one https://iberjeans.com/2917-large_default/simply-sp02s.jpg you will see white space around. That means your source image had smaller dimensions then defined in the images settings. See Large image dimension

Bianca Schiattone 04 Nov 2021, 16:06

Ok, thanks.
The newsletter worked, for the images we’ll try generating again the thumbnails.
Have you news for the translation issue?


Fred 05 Nov 2021, 11:45

We spent much time on that with no success.
The only error message we have is

app.INFO: Unexpected input at line152: a [] []

as you can see there is no any useful information.
I have tried to rename translations folder in the theme to understand is the problem comes from theme files but the error is still there. It could be a problem with unexpected symbols you added to one of translation field
I have no idea what else to do…

Bianca Schiattone 09 Nov 2021, 10:10

Can I still translate sentences in another way? E.g. changing directly the words from the file? See attachment



Schermata 2021-11-09 alle 10.... (15.4 KiB)
Fred 09 Nov 2021, 17:01

You can find it in the file /themes/alysum/modules/ps_bestsellers/views/templates/hook/ps_bestsellers.tpl
Try to change it there